Where is Michael Lance Walker Now?

January 22, 2024

A half-century ago, as the United States and Soviet Russia fought for global domination and the world teetered on nuclear annihilation, cloak-and-dagger spies staged a shadowy theater. The Navy, where secrets were plentiful, was a natural setting for clandestine operators.

Seaman Michael Lance Walker was just 22 when he began his Navy career and his life with his wife, Barbara. He joined a destroyer escort, served on an aircraft carrier, then volunteered to work in the submarine program.

Walker was a communications specialist, and his top-secret data allowed him to decipher encrypted messages from Soviet ships, submarines and aircraft. He passed the information to his contacts in the KGB, and made trips to drop off the gleanings to the agents. The job, which was made more onerous when he transferred to the staff of the commander of Amphibious Force Atlantic Fleet in Norfolk, took him away from his family.

As the Global Director of Performance at MJP, Lance designs and implements performance training programming for youth, high school, collegiate and professional athletes in all sports. He has extensive applied/practical experience and formal education in combining strength and conditioning, sports medicine and sport science with a holistic approach to athlete development and injury risk reduction. Prior to joining MJP, Lance held strength and conditioning director positions at Integrated Athletic Development and Casady School in Oklahoma City. He also served as an assistant strength coach with the Dallas Cowboys. He is a contributor to the Nike Innovation Kitchen and has presented at more than 100 national and international courses and conferences.


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