Where is Max Loughan Now?

September 7, 2023

When Max Loughan was 13 years old he became one of the most famous kids on the planet. He was hailed as a genius for creating a device that could give the world free energy. He was even invited on television shows to talk about his invention. But then he seemed to disappear from the public eye, and people have been wondering what happened to him.

Max is a self-declared physicist who came to the spotlight in 2016 after making a gadget for $14 that can transform electromagnetic energy into usable electrical energy. He also speaks at different events and has been asked to judge the World Science Festival Brisbane. He has been taking online college-level MIT courses.

According to Max, his invention works by tuning into a nearby radio frequency and using electromagnetic radiation from that source as power – like a crystal radio – to generate electricity. His parents were impressed with his device and told him that he was going to be the next Nikola Tesla.

He says that he believes his invention can benefit the world by providing light to people who need it most. He hopes to improve their safety, literacy and ability to do everyday things like cook and clean.

Although his invention is not yet ready for commercialization, he continues to develop it in his garage in Incline Village, Nevada. He has already received interest from investors and wants to start a company that focuses on social change through innovation.


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