Where is Matthew Boynton Now?

September 8, 2023

The officer turns away and wipes his eyes as he removes his uniform shirt. He knows he will not return to his job with the Griffin police department after a sworn statement that he lied under oath to investigators is proven true. Then, he will be convicted of felony charges of making false statements and violating his oath of office. He will be out of the law enforcement career that he loves.

Matthew Boynton had always been a dedicated cop. He was a quick study in a field that requires learning the names of hundreds of criminals. He was a natural with his radio and gun. He even managed to live tweet his patrol shift, gaining 389 followers. He wore a titanium wedding ring with a blue stripe to show that he was in law enforcement.

His dedication to the job was also evident at home. He often yelled at Jessica to quiet down, especially when she poked him or told him that she was angry with him. A senior officer privately advised him to lighten up a bit.

When Jessica woke up from her coma after being shot, she fingered her husband as the perpetrator. She still has occasional migraines, weakness in her left foot, and lingering amnesia of the night she was shot. But she is adamant that she will never commit suicide. She wants a divorce from Matthew and claims that he was cheating on her.


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