Where is Matt Kennedy Gould Now?

March 14, 2024

Whether you're a fan of reality TV or not, chances are you have heard of Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania native Matt Kennedy Gould. The unsuspecting star of SpikeTV's first season of The Joe Schmo Show left a lasting impression on fans, and has since gone on to lead a successful life away from the spotlight.

When the show began, Gould thought he was competing on a fake reality game show called Lap of Luxury. He was unaware that the other contestants were also actors, and that every episode ended with one of them being evicted. While he was still confused about the situation at times, Gould's true personality emerged throughout the season. He proved to be a surprisingly thoughtful, caring and likable person.

Gould was able to form bonds with his fellow contestants, and even though the game was rigged from the start, he fought for the right thing in most situations. In a particularly touching moment, he broke down in tears after Earl, an older man with whom he had bonded, was "voted off the show" against his will. Gould's genuine emotions made the audience feel for him, and it prompted producers to shift the tone of the show from mockery to praise.

Although Gould has largely steered clear of the public eye since The Joe Schmo Show, he still makes occasional appearances at fan events to share anecdotes from his time on the show. He has no plans to return to television, however, and appears content with his private life away from the spotlight.


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