Where is Mary From Hell's Kitchen Now?

November 11, 2023

After surviving two months of cooking and being constantly under the glare of caustic chef Gordon Ramsay, many contestants from Hell's Kitchen are wondering where is mary from hell's kitchen now. The sleeper hit from Season 11 snuck into the final four after being initially rejected for the show and has since gone on to do very well in her post-show career.

Mary's career in the kitchen began when she was a teenager and she started her professional life as a waitress at YAKS Restaurant in Redding, California. She then enrolled at Temple University in Philadelphia and worked at several city restaurants to gain more experience before making it onto the reality TV series.

She was a part of the first all-female black team in the history of the show and is also one of the few contestants to make it to the finals and kick out her own brigade member in service. She found herself on the bottom of her black jacket once, but she managed to avoid being eliminated again by winning a reward challenge that involved them eating at Wolfgang Puck's WP24.

During the Pressure Cooker Challenge, Mary had short ribs, which she was happy to receive as she owned a pressure cooker at home. During the challenge, she got irritated with her team members as Zach, Cyndi and Susan were openly questioning her menu choices.

Mary has been busy since winning the competition and now works at Whole Foods Market as a butcher. She also remarried and has one son with her husband, Tom. The couple owns a business called Sizzling Peach and is focused on luxury, sustainability and supporting local growers who ordinarily don't have an outlet for their produce.


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