Where is Mary Beth Harshbarger Now?

February 11, 2024

After a long fight against extradition, Mary Beth Harshbarger surrendered to federal authorities in Scranton on Friday. She is now in the custody of Royal Canadian Mounties, charged with criminal negligence causing death in her husband's shooting death in 2006. She has always said she mistakenly shot her husband Mark during a hunting trip near Buchans Junction, N.L., in September of 2006 because she thought he was a bear.

Crown prosecutor Karen O'Reilly won't discuss why murder charges weren't laid, but she says Harshbarger didn't take adequate steps to ensure she was shooting at a bear before pulling the trigger of her rifle. Her defence lawyer, Karl Inder, says it was a tragic accident but not a crime.

Inder says Harshbarger is an experienced hunter and markswoman who knew what she was looking at that day. The family of Mark Harshbarger, however, has long insisted that she murdered him on purpose. CBC News has reported that the family is an unhappy bunch, largely because Mary Beth did not show any remorse after the shooting and collected on his $550,000 life insurance policies.

The 45-year-old from rural Meshoppen, Pennsylvania has not spoken to the media since being acquitted. Her brother Barry told the CBC he is glad to see this part of the case over, but that he will always be sad for what happened to his sister. He added that suggestions from the Canadian press and his own family that she deliberately killed her husband are ludicrous.


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