Where Is Mary Bell Now 2021?

November 18, 2023

Where Is Mary Bell Now 2021?

Mary Bell, dubbed ‘The Tyneside Strangler’ by the media, became a household name after killing two children under the age of 4. Her lack of emotion puzzled the public and she didn’t fit any murderer profile. It was later revealed that she had been abused as a child. She was a natural manipulator and preyed on people who were weaker than her.

After her release she married and had a daughter. She tried to keep her past secret from her and lived a normal life but was hounded by reporters trying to get an update on her. She finally decided to co-operate with Gita Sereny in her book Cries Unheard.

When the book was released it caused a media frenzy. It was reported that Mary was receiving residuals for her work which angered many of the victims family members. It was also argued that it was wrong for her to receive money from her crime.

After the media hounded her out of her home Bell moved and settled in a remote area. She took on a new identity and kept her daughters identity secret as well. She claims to be a totally different person now and says she feels nothing but love and regret for what she did as a child killer. Mary now works as a shop assistant and for a trust that helps former offenders. She and her daughter are living in a remote part of the UK under a false name.


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