Where is Markeith Loyd Now?

September 7, 2023

A jury unanimously agreed Wednesday that convicted cop killer markeith loyd should be put to death for gunning down an Orlando police officer outside a Walmart four years ago. The 12-member panel deliberated for five hours over two days to reach their decision, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Loyd, 46, was convicted last year of murdering Lt. Debra Clayton, who was shot while trying to arrest him for killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend. He was also convicted of murdering Dixon's unborn child and her mother, who stepped in to help during the shooting.

During the trial, family members testified about Loyd's troubled childhood and a forensic neurologist said he may have suffered brain damage from an earlier car crash. But jurors sided with prosecutors, who have maintained that Loyd was able to make choices and control his behavior on the day of the deadly shooting.

Judge Leticia Marques has now confirmed the jury's recommendation during a brief hearing Thursday morning, CBS affiliate WKMG reports. She could have disregarded the jury's decision and sentenced Loyd to life in prison, but she chose not to.

The case now goes to Florida's Supreme Court, where Loyd's attorneys are fighting to get his conviction and death sentence overturned. They have filed a motion disputing the decision to exclude felons from the jury that found him guilty and are asking for a new trial. Meanwhile, Loyd is reportedly acting up in jail, attacking corrections officers and making threats against them.


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