Where is Mark Klimek Now?

March 17, 2024

Where is mark klimek now

Professor Mark Klimek joined Cedarville University’s nursing program in 1983, helping to create the curriculum. He has taught in many clinical settings, including rehabilitation nursing, cardiac care, surgical intensive care, medical intensive care, and psychiatric inpatient care. In addition, he has worked in leadership, austere environment, disaster/emergency and community health settings. These experiences give him a unique perspective and applicational knowledge to teach students what it means to truly care for people.

He is an excellent communicator, focusing on what matters most in the classroom. He is also an expert nurse who has been teaching state board (NCLEX) review courses for 30 years, and he excels at preparing students to successfully navigate the complex world of nursing. Trevor Mueller, a recent graduate of the nursing program, describes Klimek as “an amazing professor.” He’s passionate about his work and gets excited when students immerse themselves in the material.

He shows a love for the Lord by serving others and incorporating his faith in all aspects of his teaching and work. This is at the heart of what Cedarville teaches and Klimek has been a model of this faithfulness in front of thousands of students over the course of his career.


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