Where is Lul Tim Now?

September 7, 2023

The real name of Lul Tim is Timothy Leeks, and he was born on September 1st, 1998 in Georgia. He is an American rapper, who has a huge social media following. He is also famous for his run-ins with the law. Recently, he was arrested for allegedly killing a rapper, and was released on bail later. However, he is still on the hook for other charges.

The rumors about the death of rapper King Von have sparked a lot of debate. While some people believe that it was a revenge attack, others believe that the incident was merely an accident. The shooting took place outside the Monaco Hookah Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia. Several people were injured in the incident, including Tim. The shootout left him shot six times.

Where is lul tim now?

Recently, rumors have been circulating that the murder charges against Quando Rondo affiliate Lul Tim for killing Chicago rapper King Von have been dropped. Despite this, many are skeptical about his well-being. Some even think that he is dead. The truth is that the rumors about his demise are false.

Previously, Lul Tim was charged with felony murder in connection with the death of King Von. The rapper was arrested in November 2020 after the shooting. He was freed from jail after posting a $100,000 bond. In his defense, he claimed that the shooting was self-defense. However, his lawyers are still working to clear his name.


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