Where Is Lena Hernandez Now?

November 12, 2023

TORRANCE (CBSLA) — A woman who was caught on video hurling racist verbal attacks at Asian Americans in two incidents last year at a local park has been sentenced to 45 days in jail and anger management classes. Lena Hernandez, a retired social worker from Long Beach, was also ordered to stay away from Torrance’s Del Amo Fashion Center for three years as part of a plea deal she reached in her case.

In June, Hernandez was caught on camera directing racist tirades at several Asian American individuals in two incidents at Charles Wilson Park. The videos went viral and triggered outrage from the public and elected officials. However, city prosecutors declined to charge Hernandez for the incidents.

A few months later, the same woman was seen berating Sherry Salminao on a set of stairs at the mall. Salminao was able to identify the attacker as Hernandez, who was later arrested for battery. Sherry told TMZ she’s now “paranoid” to go out in public alone because she fears running into Hernandez.

Sherry argued Hernandez’s behavior was avoidable and accused the city of moving too slowly on her case. She said prosecutors only took the incident seriously after she and other victims spoke out. Hernandez failed to show up at her arraignment yesterday and the judge issued a bench warrant for her arrest. Sources tell TMZ Hernandez will take a plea deal in her case and get jail time. She will appear in court today at 8am to have a judge accept the deal.


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