Where is Leah Jenea Now?

January 24, 2024

After wowing the judges on season two of Fox’s reality show The Four: Battle For Stardom, Leah Jenea gained an instant following and racked up more success in her career than some artists who have been around longer. Now, the New Jersey native is back with a brand-new project that harnesses the power of Nina Simone.

The six-track EP is called 'Leah Meets Nina', and it features an array of classic hits by the iconic singer. From the soulful tones of 'I Will Always Love You' to the funky grooves of 'Pulse,' Jenea covers every corner of Simone’s sound and makes it her own with some impressive vocal range in the process.

In addition to 'Leah Meets Nina,' the young phenom also released an LP titled Life WTR that was actually recorded before her time on The Four. Her debut featured a mixture of genres including hip hop and soul.

Before her audition on The Four, Jenea was already making waves in the music scene with performances for several campaigns, including the Women of the World conference and the Councilman at Large campaign. She even toured with Marsha Ambrosius on special dates of her Nyla tour.

In addition to her musical career, Jenea is an activist and social media influencer. She’s a proud supporter of women, and she uses her platform to advocate for female empowerment. She’s also an autism awareness advocate and a philanthropist. She donates a portion of proceeds from her songs to the non-profit organization Nassan’s Place.


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