Where is LaToya Jackson Now?

September 7, 2023

LaToya Jackson has been keeping busy since her tumultuous relationship with Jack Gordon ended in divorce. She has released several singles and albums, appeared on the sixth series of Celebrity Big Brother and is a New York Times Best Selling Author with her book La Toya: Growing Up in the Jackson Family. She has also toured with Bob Hope and the USO and worked side by side with Nancy Reagan on the Just Say No anti-drug campaign. She has also starred on an episode of USA Network's spy show Counterstrike and made a cameo as Cleopatra in the movie Sharknado 4.

When her boys, Andrew and Kameron, were found dead in a Chicago home in July 2015, it was clear something had gone wrong. But her friends and family still believed it was a misunderstanding and that she had simply left her kids for some reason, and would return.

Then the medical examiner's report confirmed what everyone feared. The two boys, who were just nine and eleven, were strangled to death, and Jackson had suffered ligature strangulation to the neck and head. She had a belt around her neck and a sock stuffed in her mouth, police said at the time.

But her children's deaths ripped through the hearts of everyone who knew her. Bussell, who was with Jackson the day they were murdered, recalled that she had been "the most loving mother. I can't imagine her not being there for those boys." She added that the youngest son had been a bright and funny boy who wanted to be everything, while the oldest — a science teacher — had dreams of becoming an astronaut.


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