Where is Kyle Yates Now?

March 17, 2024

With a dozen pickleball championship titles to his name, Kyle Yates has no shortage of experience on the court. But now he's using his skills to grow the sport right in his own backyard. Last year, Yates became a part-owner of The Picklr, the nine-court indoor facility on Garfield Avenue in Loveland. Since then he's been working hard to add more player-friendly amenities, increase membership and create opportunities for locals to compete against other high-level players.

As a former #1 in the world pickleball player, Yates knows this game better than anyone and is dedicated to helping usher in the next generation of professional athletes. The fast and agile athlete has lightning-quick hands and is a force to be reckoned with on the court.

In addition to competing and teaching at his own facility, Yates is traveling the country in an effort to spread the joy of this sport to new fans. He's sponsored by Paddletek and Florida-based Harbour Insurance and teaches clinics and camps around the nation for both companies.

While prize money at major tournaments isn't enough to make a living from, Yates says the sport is growing nationwide and more pro events are popping up all the time. He plans to play in about eight tournaments this year and will be teaching at locations in Florida, Georgia, Michigan and California.


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