Where is Krystal Surles Now?

September 7, 2023

In a home in Del Rio, Texas 13-year-old Katy Harris & her younger sister Krystal Surles, were getting ready to have a sleepover. Surles wanted to join in but her older sister didn’t want her there so she decided to sleep in the room across the hall from them. That’s when the nightmare began.

A window was left open & Sells easily entered the house. He noticed the sisters sleeping & went to their room. He saw Katy was on the bottom bunk & that’s where he headed. He grabbed her & put his hand over her mouth but she managed to break free & shouted, “You cut me!” He then sliced her throat twice, stabbed her 16 more times & killed her.

After killing Katy he looked over at Krystal who was in bed on the top bunk. He saw her looking at him & she knew she was going to be next. She tried to scoot to the right side of the bed but he reached over the edge of her bed & slashed her throat.

When he was arrested Krystal testified against him but everyone kept telling her she was so brave. She didn’t think that she was brave; she thought she was lucky to have survived. He was sentenced to death nine months later. He was a carnival killer who liked the rush of killing people & that’s why he got away with so many murders.


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