Where is Kim Basinger Now?

March 11, 2024

Kim Basinger shot to fame in the late '70s with her roles as Bond girl Domino Petachi in the miniseries From Here To Eternity and then continued her career with film roles in erotic drama 9 1/2 Weeks, the crime thriller Batman, and the 1997 neo-noir LA Confidential. She was nominated for an Oscar for her turn in the latter and enjoyed a heyday through the early '90s.

But then things took a nosedive. The actress had a shaky marriage to Alec Baldwin that ended with a messy divorce in 2002 and a years-long custody battle. And she was diagnosed with agoraphobia that prevented her from leaving the safety of her home.

It seems that the mental health issues exacerbated by her fear of leaving her house compelled the actress to decrease her workload, eventually taking on only one or two projects per year. She hasn't been blacklisted by Hollywood producers, but her waning appeal may have made her less desirable to cast directors.

The actor was spotted this week looking almost unrecognizable as she ran errands in California. The mother of one was seen makeup-free in baggy grey sweatpants, a zipped-up black jacket, and large straw wide brim hat. She also wore slip-on black slides and carried a shopping bag as she strolled down the street. The actress's rare appearance comes after she shared last year that she was battling agoraphobia that kept her from leaving the house.


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