Where Is Kholi Styles Now?

April 2, 2024

Where Is Kholi Styles Now

The film is a pertinent modern-day thriller that highlights the injustice of the justice system. When Kholi Styles, the new kid in high school gets tangled up in the death of another classmate his innocence is doubted and it’s up to his father, Jackie, an up-and-coming lawyer from the slums of Chicago, to fight for him and battle an outraged public before it’s too late.

LaMarr has a lot of personal experience with the film’s scenario, living on both sides of the tracks in his childhood. He grew up with his friends from the rough South Side of Chicago but attended high school in suburban Park Ridge. His own experiences, along with those of the real-life victims of the Scottsboro Boys, Marvin Anderson, Trenton 6 and Kalief Browder, helped him shape the film’s story.

The film stars Bryshere Y. Gray, who is best known for playing the spoiled Hakeem Lyon on Empire, as the lead role of Kholi Styles. Veteran actor Mykelti Williamson, who has appeared on shows like The Wire, The X-Files, Forest Gump and Gabriel in Fences, plays his father Jackie Styles. Mekhi Phifer, known for his roles in Alligient, 8 Mile and Insurgent, stars as Prosecutor A.J. Canton.


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