Where is Kevin Klym Now?

November 11, 2023

Paula Sladewski twirled her hair and turned heads as she moved in and out of the limelight, but despite her beauty, she had a rough life. Her volatile relationship with boyfriend Kevin Klym ended up killing her, according to her family. Klym has since been named a person of interest in her death.

The pair lived in Michigan but split their time between there and Southern California. In December 2009 they flew to Miami to celebrate New Year's and to attend a Lady Gaga concert. According to her sister Kelly Farris, they had bought the tickets in advance, so he would not be able to come with them.

After a night of partying they headed to Club Space, where Klym said they got into an argument and were both ejected from the club. He claimed he saw two bouncers following her in the grainy security footage. But security manager Mike Samuels says the bouncers were only watching each other to make sure there were no more problems.

A month after Sladewski's murder, police released a composite sketch of a man who witnesses told them they had seen with Paula. Klym claimed the man looked like one of the bouncers at the club and visited the place to prove his point, which club owner Louis Puig vehemently denied. Kevin, now in his 40s, currently lives in Royal Oak, Mich., and says he has been cooperating with police. He is also still adamant that he did not kill Paula and that she was killed by someone else.


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