Where is Kate Plus 8 Now?

September 7, 2023

The Gosselin siblings have grown up since the end of Jon & Kate Plus 8. The twins Madelyn "Mady" Kate Gosselin and Cara Nicole Gosselin and sextuplets Collin Thomas Gosselin, Hannah Joy Gosselin, Alexis Faith Gosselin and Leah Hope Gosselin rose to fame on the TLC reality series Jon & Kate Plus 8, which chronicled their daily lives with their parents until they called it quits in 2009. The couple's divorce was messy but they were awarded full custody of their children. Kate went on to appear in a number of other reality shows, including Celebrity Wife Swap and Dancing With the Stars. She also starred in a spinoff show, Kate Plus Date, which focused on her dating life.

Kate now resides in Troutman, North Carolina, with four of her kids — Aaden, Joel, Alexis and Leah. Mady and Cara reside in upstate New York where they are both pursuing college degrees. Mady is a senior at Syracuse University while Cara attends Fordham University in Manhattan. They've both been active on social media and often share pictures of their academic and professional endeavors with their mom.

As for the other two sextuplets, Collin and Hannah, they moved in with their dad Jon in 2018 after his breakup with girlfriend Colleen Conrad ended. The pair have their own separate lives and rarely speak to each other. But, recently, Collin opened up about his experiences on the show in an interview with Vice TV. And, Hannah's been busy as a TikTok influencer and has her own beauty line.


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