Where is Justina Pelletier Now?

September 7, 2023

The family of a 14-year-old girl has been reunited with their daughter after more than a year apart. The story is being chronicled in a four-part docuseries called The Battle for Justina Pelletier. It premiered this week on Peacock. It follows the case of a family whose daughter ended up in psychiatric care. The hospital accused her parents of medical child abuse and a lawsuit ensued.

The saga began in February 2013 when the Pelletiers took their daughter to Boston Children's Hospital for treatment of her mitochondrial disease, a genetic disorder that affects how cells produce energy. She was suffering from fatigue, a stomachache, and extreme dehydration at the time. The hospital determined she was in a state of "crisis" and filed what's known as a 51A report accusing her parents of Munchausen by proxy, a scenario where a parent or caregiver induces false syndromes in their child.

They claimed the doctors at the hospital were trying to kidnap their daughter. They were only given limited visitation and phone call privileges during her stay at the psychiatric facility.

The family sued the hospital, alleging that they withheld information about their daughter's condition and misdiagnosed her. However, the jury did not find the hospital guilty of medical malpractice. This year, the judge who ruled on the case decided to return the girl to her parents. On Monday, she was rolled into court in her wheelchair with her nails painted lavender and a fuzzy blanket draped over her legs. She had made a powerful video last weekend begging for the judge to let her go home.


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