Where is Julian Newman Now?

March 19, 2024

When Julian Newman was 11 years old, he became a national celebrity thanks to a YouTube video that showed him dribbling through opposing players and dropping off dazzling passes. The diminutive fifth grader had just started playing varsity basketball for Downey Christian School, and the clip was evidence of his eye-popping talent. He was able to shoot from distance with ease and had precise, lightning-quick crossovers that had audiences in awe of his ball-handling prowess.

He tallied up incredible numbers on the varsity team, and his dazzling play made him an internet sensation with thousands of followers and appearances on shows like Steve Harvey and Conan. His twin sister, Jaden, starred alongside him and also became a high-school star.

Julian Newman isn’t playing competitive basketball anymore, but he continues to inspire aspiring athletes with his social media presence and by promoting his new clothing line. He is 20 years old now and boasts a following of over 700,000 on Instagram. He hasn’t played professionally yet, though, mainly because of his height. He’s a full eight inches shorter and lighter than many collegiate and professional basketball players.

It’s the third game of the night at UCF, and Julian scores a layup after crossing over a big man who has more than 100 pounds on him. After the buzzer sounds, a bunch of kids rush out to hug him. Jamie, Julian’s father, is clapping and cheering with them, but the kid who was tackling his son for no apparent reason has to be held back by teammates.


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