Where is Julian Newman Now?

September 6, 2023

Julian Newman became one of the most interesting amateur basketball talents in the US after his highlight videos from his days as a fifth grader playing varsity basketball for Downey Christian High School went viral on YouTube in 2012. The little savant caught the attention of several basketball pundits and coaches as he quickly developed into a potential prodigy with a very promising future. Now, the little savant is training at the Prodigy Prep training center in Orlando and is trying to take his game to the next level.

He has a huge fan base online and makes money selling merchandise and as an ambassador for well-known brands like Ethika, Nova Men, and Boost Mobile. He also plays exhibition games organized by BallIsLife for his followers. Despite his short height, the American child prodigy still has a decent amount of handle on the ball and can make a basket with ease.

Where is julian newman now 2022

As of 2019, it seems that Newman is in no hurry to sign for an overseas professional team and has no plans to attend college. He also claims to have received offers from D1 schools, but he doesn’t seem to want to accept any of them. Apparently, Newman’s ego got to him and caused him to get frustrated when things didn’t go his way.

He recently graduated from Prodigy Prep in 2020 and is only a few years away from turning pro, but it seems that his NBA dream may be over. His assist stats have been dropping and he has a bad habit of getting frustrated with match officials, so it is unlikely that any college will give him a scholarship.


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