Where Is Jimmy Evans Now?

September 24, 2023

Jimmy Evans draws on decades of study, experience, and biblical expertise to answer questions, expound on world events, and offer unparalleled insight into prophetic scripture. He is a senior pastor and apostolic leader at the multi-campus Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas and serves as a supervisor at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Marriage Today, a ministry that preaches to instill the sanctity of marriage.

He and his wife Karen founded Marriage Today in April 1994, and the pair work tirelessly to provide people with the tools and knowledge they need to rekindle their love for each other and to save struggling marriages. They are also the hosts of a daily television program, The Overcoming Life, which is dedicated to helping individuals thrive and guiding them in their journey with God. In addition, they produced a TV program inspired by their book, Strengths Based Marriage, which aired on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and was co-hosted by Allan Kelsey.

In a Feb. 27 sermon at Ed Young’s Fellowship Church, Evans spoke about the End Times and warned that those who reject Jesus will be lost when the period of tribulation begins. He said that the tribulation will be "Hell on earth" and that three-fourths of the earth's population will die during it. Evans added that the only way to avoid being lost is to accept Christ and to live righteously. Those who do not will be "swallowed up in the wrath of God," he said.


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