Where is Jim McMahon Now?

September 7, 2023

After Jim McMahon’s football career ended, he went on to become an accomplished restaurateur and television personality. He has a successful restaurant in Arizona and is involved with multiple charities. He is also an advocate for medical marijuana, claiming it has helped him get off painkillers that only poisoned his body.

Despite his impressive career as an NFL quarterback, Jim McMahon is not the type of man to simply sit around and reminisce about past glory. The former Bears star is always looking forward to his next project, a venture that has something to do with the food industry or a charity. His fame also makes him a favorite for sports talk shows, and he often appears on ESPN and Fox Sports.

As February rolls around every year, the football community inevitably remembers McMahon’s record-setting Super Bowl XX victory with the Chicago Bears in 1985. The game is considered one of the most significant in National Football League history, and it cemented his status as a legend for the team.

After his time with the Bears, McMahon went on to play for the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings as their backup. He was a big part of the 1990 season, when he was the starting quarterback after Randall Cunningham suffered a knee injury. His final opportunity to be a full-time starter came in 1993 when he replaced Sean Salisbury with the Vikings. The following year, he joined the Green Bay Packers as their backup to Brett Favre.


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