Where is Jessica Watson Now?

September 7, 2023

Back in 2009 and 2010, Jessica Watson made headlines around the world as the youngest sailor to sail solo, nonstop, around the globe. It took her 210 days to complete the voyage, and she became an inspiration to millions worldwide. But what has she been up to since then? The Australian sailor's story is now being brought to the big screen in Netflix's True Spirit, and her real-life journey continues to inspire audiences all over the globe.

In the years since, Watson has taken on high profile roles at major institutions, presenting as a motivational speaker for companies like Commonwealth Bank, Domain, and IBM. She has also authored two books and been featured on several podcasts. And of course, she is still sailing, a passion that remains strong after all these years at sea.

During her latest trip to New York, Watson shared a sweet photo with her thousands of followers on Instagram. The caption read, "New niece number 2!" and was accompanied by five love heart emojis. Watson also used the post to urge Australians to get their blood pressure checked, as it is an easy and cheap preventative measure against stroke.

Watson's advocacy work is particularly meaningful as her partner, Cameron Dale, died at 29 from a stroke in 2021. In a recent social media post, she wrote that "he'd want us all to keep pushing and dreaming — but he would have wanted all of us to check our blood pressure regularly." The Stroke Foundation says that the number of strokes could be cut nearly in half with regular checks.


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