Where is Jeremy DeWitte Now?

September 7, 2023

Jeremy DeWitte, the man who made a living impersonating law enforcement officers, has once again found himself behind bars. The 42-year-old Florida man was arrested Tuesday for violating his probation after he was caught impersonating an officer at a Kissimmee intersection.

The incident began when a woman drove into the intersection at Blue Jacket Park, where DeWitte was directing traffic for a funeral procession. She initially thought he was a police officer, until she noticed the logos on his mock police vehicles and called 911. Dewitte reportedly told the woman to move out of the way and started directing traffic. During the encounter, Dewitte reached for his gun and pointed it at the woman in a threatening manner, according to reports. The woman contacted authorities and Dewitte was arrested on charges of armed robbery, false imprisonment, and driving with a suspended license.

Investigators say Dewitte was also using his funeral escort company to defraud insurance companies. An affidavit states that he submitted photos and invoices for damaged cars from crashes, but metadata showed the pictures were actually taken months earlier and that the repairs he claimed to have made didn’t match. Detectives also allege that DeWitte registered some of his Metro State vehicles under his wife’s name in an effort to evade higher insurance rates for company cars.

DeWitte was convicted in September on 18 months of prison time with credit for 110 days served, and as part of his plea deal, he agreed to close down the official YouTube channel for his funeral escort service company, Metro State. However, the website still has more than 50 videos on it. Upon his arrest Tuesday, DeWitte said that his YouTube account got hacked and he has no control over the channel.


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