Where Is Jeffrey Barrus Now: Unraveling a Dark Family Legacy

June 9, 2024

Mason Moore, a dedicated Broadwater County Sheriff's Deputy and married father of three, lost his life on May 16, 2017, during a high-speed chase initiated by Lloyd Barrus and his son, Marshall. The tragic event unfolded as the Barruses engaged in a shootout before being apprehended. This incident marked the culmination of years steeped in anti-government sentiments and violence.

Lloyd Barrus' Background

Initially a deeply religious man and a devoted Mormon missionary, Lloyd Barrus married Tracy, with whom he had two sons, Marshall and Jeffrey. Over time, Lloyd's beliefs took a radical turn, developing strong anti-government sentiments that led to secretive behavior and domestic violence. His marriage eventually ended in divorce due to his uncontrollable violent behavior.

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Second Marriage and Continued Violence

Lloyd later met Debra Del Bosque and moved to Alaska, where they raised three children together. Despite the change in his personal life, Lloyd’s anti-government activities and violent tendencies persisted. This marriage also ended violently, with Debra fleeing with her children, leaving Marshall and Jeffrey behind to face Lloyd's influence alone.

Indoctrination of Sons

Lloyd indoctrinated Marshall and Jeffrey with his anti-government beliefs, training them with weapons and conditioning them to expect a war with the U.S. government. This indoctrination played a significant role in shaping Marshall's actions on the night of Deputy Moore's death.

Criminal Activities

In March 2000, Lloyd and Jeffrey were involved in a dramatic high-speed chase near Las Vegas that ended in an 18-hour bunker hideout in Death Valley. Jeffrey received a 25-year prison sentence, and Lloyd was sentenced to 15 years after being diagnosed with severe paranoid personality disorder.

Release and Further Radicalization

Released from prison in 2013, Lloyd delved deeper into anti-government activities, exploiting social media to spread his views. Despite Jeffrey's attempts at reform, Marshall reconnected with Lloyd, reigniting their mutual discontent towards the government.

The Killing of Mason Moore

On May 16, 2017, Lloyd and Marshall were seen speeding, prompting Deputy Mason Moore to attempt a pull-over. What followed was a deadly pursuit where Lloyd and Marshall opened fire, killing Moore. The event escalated into a high-speed chase that ended in a shootout; Marshall was killed, and Lloyd was apprehended.

Legal Consequences

Lloyd Barrus faced trial and was ultimately sentenced to life in prison without parole, his actions described as "pure evil." This sentencing brought some closure to the profound grief experienced by Moore's family.

Impact on Survivors

At Lloyd’s sentencing, Jodi Moore, the widow of Deputy Mason Moore, read a poignant letter emphasizing her husband's dedication to his dangerous job and his profound love for his family. Lloyd's actions not only cost a dedicated officer's life but left a lasting impact on the family he left behind.

Al Barrus's Perspective and Advocacy

One of Lloyd's other sons, Al Barrus, distanced himself from his father's actions. Living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Al works in wildlife conservation and aims to help others who have faced similar traumas. He speaks out against his father's radical beliefs, hoping his story can serve as a testament to overcoming dark pasts and fostering hope for the future.

The tragic events surrounding Deputy Mason Moore’s death shine a light on the destructive power of extremist ideologies and the enduring impact they have on innocent lives and communities. Mason Moore’s legacy, marked by his bravery and dedication, will continue to live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved him.

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