Where is Jayson Williams Now?

January 28, 2024

The former NBA star says his job running an addiction treatment center is the most fulfilling thing he's ever done.

It's no secret that Jayson Williams had an erratic NBA career that led to tragedy off the court and ended with him serving 27 months in prison for shooting his limousine driver. But Williams says the work he's doing now, running REBOUND at Futures Recovery Health Care in Florida, is the most fulfilling thing he's done.

REBOUND is designed to help the next generation of athletes find balance and manage their physical and mental health. It incorporates adventure-based activities like skydiving, paddleboarding and snorkeling into its rehab program along with regular exercise and healthy eating. The goal is to teach young players the importance of 'hitting pause' and taking time for themselves.

The founder of REBOUND credits his own rehabilitation experience with helping him to develop the principles he teaches today. He also draws on lessons learned from his basketball career, including the importance of routine and consistency. He notes that when he was an NBA player, he was constantly travelling and being away from home. It made it a challenge for him to maintain a consistent workout regimen.

He says his kids -- Tryumph and Whizdom, who recently wrote open letters to St. John's opposing their father's induction into the school's athletic hall of fame -- are aware of his past and that he has worked hard to earn back their trust.


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