Where Is Jaime Osuna Now?

October 10, 2023

Jaime Osuna is a criminal who came to limelight in the media after being arrested for murdering his cellmate Yvette Pena in 2022. He was a self-proclaimed Satanist who loved to indulge in thrilling acts of crimes. He later decapitated and dismembered his cellmate Luis Romero with a razor blade slice. He had also made a necklace out of his body parts and had cut off one of Romero's eyes and his finger as well as a portion of his lungs and ribs.

The California inmate and self-proclaimed satanist is still behind bars. He is currently serving a life sentence without parole for the murder of his former cellmate and torture of his body. The notorious killer has been found guilty of first-degree murder and a number of other charges.

According to the court documents, Osuna killed his cellmate in a horrific manner and covered the crime scene with blood, body parts, and discarded syringes. He also drew a pentagram on the face of his victim and tattooed his own face with a satanic symbol.

The family of Luis Romero has filed a lawsuit against Osuna as well as prison officials. The lawsuit alleged that the defendants failed to properly check Romero's cell as required by law and could have prevented the crime from taking place. A judge, however, dismissed the claims against Ralph Diaz and Ken Clark, saying Solares failed to demonstrate that the warden could have foreseen that Romero's death was due to negligent supervision.


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