Where is Jaheim Now?

January 23, 2024

Jaheim is a famous singer who got his big break when his single “Put That Woman First” hit the charts. He has since gone on to release several albums and has been nominated for multiple Grammys. The "Just In Case" singer is known for his smooth voice and insightful lyrics. However, lately it seems like the singer has been going through some tough times and has been disappearing from the scene. In September 2021, it was reported that Jaheim had been arrested for animal cruelty. He was accused of mistreating 15 dogs that were found in deplorable conditions at his New Jersey home.

After the arrest, Jaheim went silent on social media but recently resurfaced with a video claiming to be vegan. The singer claims to have given up meat for good and has been cooking with things such as banana peels. He also claims to be taking supplements to help him stay healthy.

In addition to his vegan lifestyle, the singer has also been spotted working on music production projects. It seems like the "Just In Case" singer is shifting his focus away from singing and moving more into producing. It will be interesting to see how his new career goes.

While there are no details about what exactly led to his arrest, police claim that the 40-year-old was driving at a high speed and had illegal substances in his vehicle. They say that they will be continuing to investigate the situation and it could lead to further charges against him in the future.


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