Where is Jack Jessee Now?

September 8, 2023

The savage killing of Jack Jessee went unsolved for nine years until homicide investigators Sutton and Dove won a confession from Brett Germainen. He claimed he was hired by Sandra Jessee and her son Thomas Aehlert to kill the Fujitsu employee for $50,000. He said they would signal him when Sandra left for a shopping trip so she could have an alibi. Germainen also told police that Jessee and Aehlert shared the money from the hit for their own use, but not with her two adult children.

As she took the stand for her trial on murder charges in 2009, prosecutors focused on Jessee's financial gain from the crime. They argued that Jessee, 61, and her son had hired Aehlert to murder Jack in order to collect his $777,000-plus home, 401(k) death benefits and insurance.

Murray's questions to Jessee were pointed and relentless. He noted her use of receipts to prove her whereabouts at the time of the murder and pointed out an unexplained 63-minute gap in her account. She remained unmoved, saying that she was committed to her husband and that she would do "anything" for him.

Afterward, Ice Road Truckers fans speculated that Jack might walk away from Carlisle for good after Austin was given a heavy haul—a cabin—last night. While it's fair to point out that it is not Carlisle's obligation to cater to all drivers, Jack has made a name for himself driving for the company and deserves to be treated fairly.


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