Where is Ivan Cornejo From?

June 19, 2023

Ivan Cornejo is a rising singer, songwriter, and social media music artist of Mexican descent. He is famous for sharing melodious songs and covers of popular songs on various platforms. Ivan Cornejo has an estimated net worth of more than 2.5 million dollars. His sources of income include singing, live concerts, tours, recording, writing, and different business ventures.

Where is Ivan Cornejo From

Cornejo grew up in Riverside, California, where he developed a love for music at an early age. He began learning to play the guitar at age eight and quickly grew into an adept performer. He honed his skills by jamming with friends and studying music theory to expand his creative repertoire. He soon began posting video requintos on TikTok, which earned him millions of views and the attention of Houston-based Manzana Records.

The label signed him in 2021, and his debut album Alma Vacia was released in August of that year. The set featured sad sierreno ballads that resonated with listeners and helped him make a strong first impression on the charts. It peaked at number two on the Regional Mexican Albums chart and charted inside the Top Latin Albums tally.

After making a strong name for himself with his debut project, Cornejo dived into new waters with his sophomore album, Danado. The record featured sultry, romantic ballads that touched on heartbreak and love lost while staying true to his signature style. The album was a success, propelling him into the spotlight and helping him become one of the most sought-after young artists in the genre.


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