Where is Ira Bernstein Now?

September 7, 2023

Ira Bernstein and his wife Susan met at a fraternity party in the 1990s while attending Penn State. Their friendship turned into love and the two married in 2002. They lived in a nice home in the town of Ramapo, New York, and Ira established a successful podiatry practice. He also owned a few properties in the area.

Despite the good life they had, the couple started having problems. They were both spending more than they were making. Susan felt she was being abused and decided to file for divorce. In the process, she demanded a large sum of money from Ira.

It was around this time that Ira began seeing Kelly Gribeluk, 36. She was one of his patients and she had just been divorced herself after her ex-husband claimed she cheated on him with a nineteen year old. Ira and Kelly got along well. She even started working at his practice.

The pair would go out together and spend a lot of money. They even went on vacations. Things were going well between them until Ira started to become more controlling. He wanted to control the amount of money he was giving Kelly and he even threatened her.

In the end, Ira was arrested for trying to hire someone to murder his wife. He served four years in prison. Now, he has been indicted by a Rockland County grand jury for allegedly soliciting his wife’s murder again between July and September of this year. He’s been charged with criminal solicitation in the second and fourth degree as well as tampering with physical evidence and conspiracy in the fifth degree. His sister, Jaclyn Goldberg, is facing charges of tampering with physical evidence and hindering prosecution.


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