Where is Ignacio Garraus Now?

January 27, 2024

From the outside, Ignacio Garraus appeared to have a good life. He was a Greeley police officer who earned a respectable salary, had a beautiful home, and had a small daughter. But inside, Ignacio was having a four-year affair with another married woman named Shawna Nelson. She even got pregnant with his child, a boy she named Christian. Then, on Jan. 23, 2007, Shawna drove to the bank where Heather worked, waited for her in the dark, and shot her dead.

Shawna was married to Weld County sheriff’s deputy Ken Nelson, who caught on to her affair with Ignacio and the pregnancy. He wanted a divorce, but Shawna refused. She then discovered she was pregnant again by Ignacio, but he asked her to have an abortion. She refused and went back to Ken, and they decided to reconcile. He also agreed to raise Ignacio’s baby as his own.

Shawna became angry when she found out Ignacio was still in love with Heather and had not left his wife. She started stalking Heather and her family, and crashing their holiday parties. She even pawned her husband’s truck so she could drive to Grand Lake to meet with Ignacio. But on the day of the murder, she was nowhere to be found. The prosecutors say she killed Heather because she wanted something Ignacio had, but they couldn’t get the details of what that was. They did, however, find the pawned truck with Ignacio’s tires on it at the crime scene.


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