Where is Heather Kovar Now?

September 7, 2023

The upstate New York news anchor who sounded rambling and disoriented during a weekend broadcast has been replaced by a local sports anchor. Heather Kovar, who appeared disheveled and off-script during the 6pm newscast for CBS6 Albany on July 9, has since said she was sleep-deprived and exhausted after returning to work from a leave of absence following her father's death.

She also apologized for her slurred speech and the way she rushed through the newscast. Kovar had been on a double shift – reading the morning news and then anchoring that evening's show.

Her performance prompted many viewers to question her health and if she was drunk or suffering from a stroke. Some suggested the station should have had a backup in place to take over her segment. Others defended her, saying this wasn't her normal behavior and they needed to cut her some slack.

Kovar won't be back at WRGB but instead has returned to her home state of Texas and is anchoring Saturday and Sundays for KBTX, the Sinclair-owned CBS affiliate based in Bryan. Her appearance on the weekend newscasts is through a temporary contract and she continues to work as a technical recruiter at a local consulting firm during the week.


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