Where is Glenn Goddard Now?

September 7, 2023

Where is glenn goddard now

After earning his degree in civil engineering, Glenn Goddard wanted to see the world using his skills. Realizing that a job at an engineering firm wouldn’t offer that opportunity right away, he joined the Army. He went through Officer Candidate School and earned his commission as an engineer officer on active duty. He served on that assignment for four years before joining the Army Reserve.

Goddard serves as the Commanding General of the 353rd Civil Affairs Command, one of the four Army Reserve Civil Affairs Commands. He is responsible for the readiness, welfare, and safety of more than 2,000 Soldiers and civilians in the Washington, DC area. He also oversees the Civil Affairs capability for USAFRICOM and USEUCOM in support of national security policy.

He previously served as the Chief Financial Officer at Generation Bio Company. He led all financial functions including strategic financings, investor relations, treasury management, and information technologies. He also oversaw certain operational functions for the company.

Before that, he was the Senior Vice President of Finance and Accounting at Agios Pharmaceuticals. He was responsible for executing several equity financings, including private crossover and initial public offerings as well as the company’s debt financings. He is also a former controller for ImmunoGen, Inc and Archemix Corp. He currently resides in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife and daughter. He has made over 25 trades of NTLA stock since 2014. On 4 January 2023 his net worth was $1,24 Million.


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