Where is Glen Rogers Now?

January 27, 2024

The mother of a woman murdered in Jackson more than 20 years ago is pleading with the governor of Florida to keep her daughter’s killer behind bars. Glen Rogers was convicted of strangling Sandra Gallagher and burning her body in her car. He is now on death row in Florida. He is also facing murder charges in four other states.

Police believe he killed at least three women and possibly two others. The first victim was a former house mate whose body was found in January of 1993 under a pile of furniture. The second known kill came in September of 1995 when a woman Rogers picked up at a bar in Van Nuys, California was found strangled and burned inside her burning pickup truck. In November of 1995, another barfly was found stabbed to death in her bathtub in Jackson, Mississippi. Then, a few days later, yet another woman was found stabbed to death in her motel bathtub in Tampa, Florida.

Rogers has admitted to committing the murders but he says that OJ hired him to rob Nicole because he wanted a pair of earrings back and told him to kill her if she got in the way. He also claimed to have committed 70 other murders but he later said that he had been joking. During his trial, Rogers testified that he suffers from a brain disorder called porphyria and had been physically and emotionally abused by his stepfather. He scored a 76 on his IQ test which is just six points above retardation.


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