Where Is Garam Now?

November 11, 2023

In 2022, former LE SSERAFIM member Kim Garam made headlines for a distressing reason that shook the entertainment industry. She was accused of bullying her classmates in a serious manner, resulting in verbal and physical mistreatment. This resulted in her departure from the K-Pop idol group just 79 days after their debut. The incident brought attention to the importance of addressing these serious matters in the industry, as well as the necessity for management companies to take immediate action.

What Is Garam Now?

Garam re-entered school and is now studying acting. Her decision to prioritize her academics shows a commitment to her growth and maturation, which is a positive sign. It also demonstrates that she wants to find new avenues in which to express her creativity and talent. Studying acting will provide her with the skills and experience necessary to pursue a future career in the entertainment industry if she so chooses.

The incident surrounding Garam serves as a sobering reminder that the K-Pop industry can be a cruel place for young and hopeful performers, who must meet strict beauty standards and maintain a pristine public image. It’s imperative for fans and industry professionals to work together to prevent bullying from occurring in the industry, while simultaneously demanding higher levels of accountability and transparency from performers. The Kim Garam saga also showcases how the internet can be used as a tool for hate, where people are willing to call for the removal of their faves no matter what.


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