Where is Faye Reagan Now?

September 7, 2023

Known by the aliases Faye Karli, Faye Regan, and Faye Valentine, the feisty redhead retired from the industry in 2012. During her brief career as a porn actress, she made a significant impact and left an indelible mark, challenging norms through her bold performances. She also demonstrated resilience and the power of personal growth in a profession rife with challenges.

Reagan began her adult film career in 2007, debuting in explicit X-rated fare with a Girls Gone Wild video. Her performance in films such as “The Gauntlet 3” and “Barely Legal School Girls 6” quickly established her as a standout performer. Her work on these and other films earned her a 2009 AVN Award, showcasing her versatility as a performer.

As her reputation grew, Reagan found success both on and off camera, including as a model and host. Throughout her career, she worked with some of the most well-known directors and producers in the business. Despite the many opportunities to expand her career, Reagan decided to retire from the industry in 2012 in favor of a more tranquil lifestyle.

Since her retirement, Reagan has spoken publicly about her decision and the toll the industry took on her. She has discussed her struggle with mental health and her desire to live a more balanced life. In her rare public appearances, she has displayed the candid personality that captivated audiences. In addition to her activism, Reagan has begun exploring the world of art, using it as a form of self-expression and therapeutic escapism.


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