Where is Elise From Hell's Kitchen Now?

January 21, 2024

Elise was the first female winner of Hell’s Kitchen, winning season 6. Her prize money was $250,000 (the second highest ever awarded), and she is the only person to win the show without being nominated for elimination once during her run on the show.

She returned for the thirteenth episode of Hell’s Kitchen as a guest chef and could not have been more excited to be back in the kitchen. However, she was not happy to be assigned to the red team, and when arguing with Jennifer and Carrie over nominations at dinner service, she called them both bitches. She then went on to complain that she was the best at everything, and argued that no one else could lead a team like her.

After the challenge, she and Elizabeth were rewarded with a go-kart activity at K1 Speed. While riding back to the dorms, she was ecstatic that her time on the show was over and credited herself for the victory, but then remembered that Elizabeth also made the dish that won them the challenge. Upon returning to the kitchen, she was a bitch again when arguing with the other chefs over who should be transferred to blue team for reunion dinner service.

Elise has kept herself busy since leaving the show, working on different projects such as her cookbook and creating recipe videos for her website and Instagram. She also works as a personal trainer. However, she is most known for her stint on the popular cooking competition reality series.


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