Where Is Ed Orgeron Now?

September 24, 2023

Less than three years ago, Ed Orgeron was a big part of the college football landscape. The charismatic coach was a favorite of many fans and he enjoyed a lot of attention in Baton Rouge. Then, after a rocky 2021 season, Orgeron was fired as the head coach of the LSU Tigers. Now, he's back in the spotlight but this time it's for a different reason.

Orgeron is the host of the new podcast, Cover 3 College Football. He and his co-hosts, former LSU players and coaches, and members of the media discuss the latest news and rumors around the country. The show is available for free on Apple and Google Play.

The latest episode of the show features a discussion on where Orgeron might end up after leaving LSU. The topic is interesting considering Coach O is a man of many interests and a man who likes to stay busy.

He recently made a public appearance to speak to the Little Rock Touchdown Club and was asked about his future in college football. While he would not say exactly where he will be heading next, he did address his relationship with athletic director Scott Woodward and his eventual departure from the Tigers.

Orgeron wanted to make a point to address how he and Woodward communicated over the course of his tenure in Baton Rouge. He also emphasized how the program will continue to move forward. Orgeron has not ruled out a return to coaching in the future, but that is still up in the air for now.


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