Where is Dustin Camp Now?

January 15, 2024

Dustin Camp was released from prison this morning. He had been serving time for the death of Brian Deneke. Deneke was a member of the punk rock scene and Camp killed him in retaliation for an attack on some of his friends. The murder caused outrage among many residents of Amarillo.

Amarillo was a small city and the kids were all known to one another. It was not uncommon for jocks and punks to hate each other deeply. The two groups would clash at parties and other social gatherings. It was also not unusual for them to fight and even kill one another.

The night of the murder was no different. The teens were drinking heavily and were at a party at a friend’s house. At some point there was a fight and it spilled out into the street. There were reports that as many as 50 kids were fighting on the streets that night.

One of the punks named King was a short-fused kid with an extremely quick temper. He was the type of kid that could very easily have smashed Camp in the head with a police baton. King shoved Camp out the door of the house and someone else hustled him to his car.

It is not clear what Camp is doing now. He is no longer a part of the punk scene and has very little to do with the music industry. He is most likely living in Blanchard, Oklahoma. He may be working in some sort of sales job or perhaps a retail job.


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