Where is Dr Tony Huge Now?

March 11, 2024

Dr Tony Huge has been a very visible figure in bodybuilding for years. He has experimented with all types of steroids and supplements over the years and shared all his results on YouTube. He was also a spokesperson for a company called Enhanced Labs. He was a part of their marketing campaign for the illegal fat-burning drug DNP. The man is known in the fitness industry as a “guru” and has been featured on many fitness related podcasts.

Recently, it was reported that a fitness influencer, Leo Rex, died at the home of his trainer and friend, Tony Huge. The news was a shock to many in the community because of his large following on YouTube and his collaborations with several other content creators.

The cause of his death was not disclosed but it is speculated that he had a heart attack. Huge shared a video on YouTube explaining his thoughts about the situation.

In the video, Huge explains that he is shocked to hear about the death of Rex but that it is not his fault. He claims that Rex was taking a lot of drugs and that is why his body was not responding to it.

The doctor also stated that he has issues with his heart and that his D-Dimer level is over 2,500 which is well above the normal range of under 500. The doctor recommended further testing and possibly surgery to fix the mitral valve prolapse.


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