Where is Dr Rey Now?

March 18, 2024

BEVERLY HILLS — As Dorie Valdez lay on a gurney in the surgical suite, her plastic surgeon spun his nunchucks and flicked them at imaginary opponents. "You've got some serious skills," she said. "I'm impressed."

Those skills have earned him an enthusiastic following among patients, many of whom he's seen on television shows like the E! series "Dr. 90210." But traditional plastic surgeons are less than enthused about his informal approach with patients and the way he hawks his services on television. Critics say he gives viewers the impression that breast implants, face lifts and other cosmetic procedures are casual beauty treatments rather than life-changing surgical procedures.

He has discussed his innovative techniques on numerous talk shows including CBS, WB and Elle Magazine. He has also appeared in a Carl's Jr. ad, appearing to advise a breast augmentation patient that going "bigger is better."

Dr. Rey is working to change that perception. He has begun moving his practice away from Beverly Hills to Orlando, where he's established a partnership with Miami-based plastic surgeon Dr. Alex de Souza at the outpatient surgery center Endo-Surgical Center of Florida on North Dean Road. Rey and de Souza plan to open a boutique practice here called World Plastic Surgery Center.

Rey and his partner are also expanding their operations to include SoftSqulpt, a revolutionary 360 awake liposuction and fat transfer innovation that is safe, gentle and nearly pain-free. But he remains committed to his core competencies of performing breast lifts, tummy tucks, buttock implants, facial rejuvenation and male plastic surgery.


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