Where is Diana Pinto Now?

March 11, 2024

diana pinto now

Diana Pinto broke her silence one week following the tragic death of Benjamin Keough, Lisa Marie Presley’s late son. She paid tribute to her lover, describing him as her “travel partner and best friend” in a heartfelt Instagram post.

In the post, Pinto shared a series of photos of herself and Keough together. The photos included a slideshow of selfies, a video of Keough urging her to join him in the water at the beach, and a photo of the message “I Love You Diana” written on what looks like a steamed-up shower door. Pinto also shared a solo shot of Keough strumming his guitar.

Pinto and Keough dated since at least September 2017, when she posted her first photo of the two together on Instagram. They were inseparable, often spending time together and visiting each other’s families.

The mourning girlfriend promised to always honor her boyfriend, who died at the age of 27. She referred to him as her “travel partner and best friend,” and said losing him taught her the true meaning of grief.

In addition to her heartwarming Instagram posts, Pinto’s website reveals that she is a writer and has published several articles on European Judaism. She is the daughter of Italian Jewish parents, and has studied in both the United States (Harvard) and France. Her work has focused on strengthening pluralist democracy in post-1989 Europe. Pinto has been a consultant to the Council of Europe and editor of ‘Belvedere’, a French pan-European journal.


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