Where is Derrick Jaxn Now?

February 12, 2024

The couple that inspired hundreds of internet parodies and Halloween costumes has called it quits. Self-certified relationship guru Derrick Jaxn has filed for divorce from his wife, Da'Nai Jackson. The news comes a month after the pair publicly cursed those who have been criticizing their marriage. It also comes after media personality Tasha K posted a video of the duo enjoying Miami's Art Basel with a mystery woman.

In an exclusive interview with Laterras Whitfield for his Dear Future Wifey podcast, Da'Nai detailed her estranged husband's cheating and the effect it had on her life. She said she first suspected her husband of cheating by a change in his touch and a gut feeling. Eventually, she started looking through his phone and confirmed her suspicions with evidence. She stood by him stoically in his apology video and was left to face more criticism than him for her decision.

After the public embarrassment, she says she was left "broken and numb". She has been leaning on her faith more and claims to know more about men, women, love, and relationships than ever before.

She has been posting photos of herself in religious clothing on her Instagram account and has spoken about her relationship struggles with her followers. She's been letting people know that despite her rocky start to her marriage, she's still staying positive and is dedicated to making it work. The couple shared two children together, and they have yet to confirm the status of their divorce.


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