Where is Derek Smyer Now?

March 11, 2024

A jury found a man guilty Saturday of hiring a hitman to murder his pregnant girlfriend and her unborn child in 2001. Derek Smyer is now in prison on charges of second-degree murder, first-degree murder of the fetus and solicitation to commit murder.

The story begins in the spring of 2001 when Crystal Dejuanna Taylor was about 22 weeks pregnant. She had met Smyer in the Anderson Park near their jobs and the pair began a fling that lasted only about a month. She was upset that he wanted her to get an abortion, but she decided to keep the baby.

At that point, police had little to go on in the case of the killings of Taylor and her fetus. They had no physical evidence, but they did have a suspect. Prosecutors accused Smyer of contracting out the killings because Taylor wouldn't have an abortion.

Detectives were able to connect Smyer to the crimes by connecting him to one of the killers, a man named c-styles. That was the only connection investigators had been able to make at the time, and a decade passed before c-styles faced apprehension in connection with the deaths of skyler moore and crystal taylor.

The detectives finally tracked down c-styles and dragged him back into the interview room. He denied everything. But detective lopez knew better. he knew that c-styles was a jailhouse snitch and that people harassed him and beat him up when he spilled secrets.


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