Where is Deniece Williams Now?

March 14, 2024

Throughout a career that has span more than 40 years, singer and actress deniece williams has maintained a loyal following by gracefully extending her circle of love over the decades. On the verge of launching her next musical chapter, Niecy will be appearing LIVE at Yoshi's in Oakland for three shows this weekend.

The singer/actress – who is an honorary member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - will perform a mix of her pop, R&B and gospel songs. She will also perform a few songs from her new album, which is currently in the works.

Born June Deniece Chandler Williams in Gary, Indiana, she sang as a child and later formed a girl group with friends called Honeycone. In the early 1970s she moved to Maryland and attended Morgan State University, initially with aspirations of becoming a nurse.

In an era of soul queens who carried themselves like unreachable royalty, Deniece – or Niecy, as she is known to fans and friends – stood out as an eminently approachable star. Her down-to-earth persona flows from her soaring soprano, which sounds effortless, ardent and girlish across its three-octave range.

In 1984, Niecy broke through to the pop charts with her #1 single, "Let's Hear It for the Boy," featured on the soundtrack of the blockbuster movie, Footloose. The song became the biggest pop hit of her career and broke down racial barriers and stereotypes. She expanded into other genres, including disco and gospel, but remained true to her roots and continued to receive a steady stream of Grammy nominations.


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