Where Is David Richard Stewart Now?

September 24, 2023

Where Is David Richard Stewart Now?

In 2004, David Richard Stewart was arrested for his involvement in a string of phone scams and reports of solicitation across multiple states. He was ultimately acquitted for the strip search trick calls that affected a number of fast-food restaurant employees.

He was accused of pretending to be a police officer on the phone to coerce managers into strip searching workers, specifically those at rural McDonald's restaurants. The calls were fabricated and he would falsely claim to be investigating a theft or other crimes against the restaurant. The caller also used a fake name and referred to himself as "Officer Scott."

Prosecutors built a circumstantial case with fuzzy surveillance photos of a man buying calling cards and testimony about similar incidents in Idaho and Oklahoma that were traced to the same calling card number. However, there was no proof that Stewart made the calls and a lack of voice recordings to compare to his voice helped the jury acquit him.

A lawyer for Stewart, Steve Romines, said that the acquittal was based on the lack of evidence against his client. During the trial, Romines pointed out that the caller was able to manipulate Louise Ogborn, an 18-year-old Mount Washington McDonald's employee. During the call, Ogborn was singled out because she matched the description of the woman that the fake caller alleged stole a purse.

After the acquittal, Stewart was able to get out of prison and return to Florida. He now lives a private life with his wife, Kristine, and their five kids.


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