Where is David Novak Now?

March 16, 2024

David Novak is the author of nineteen books. He has contributed to over three hundred articles and reviews in scholarly and intellectual journals. He has also edited four books. His book Covenantal Rights won the American Academy of Religion award as "best book in constructive religious thought in 2000." He is the founding editor of First Things and serves on the board of directors of the Institute for Religion and Public Life and the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University.

He is the founder and CEO of David Novak Leadership, a digital leadership development platform designed to help people become the best leaders they can be. He believes that effective leadership is as much about gratitude as it is about ambition and curiosity. His goal is to close what he calls the global recognition deficit — recognizing others for what they do so that they are energized to continue to do great work.

In October 2018, Novak visited the Mizzou campus to speak with business students in Bush Auditorium about cultivating leadership skills. The visit was part of the Trulaske Edge professional development program, where industry-leading professionals interact with business students throughout the semester as they participate in course work, engage in professional team-based projects with real business clients and compete an internship. Novak spoke to students about overcoming the challenges of his early career and building a successful company, including how to identify and nurture the most talented employees.


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